Getting to the show…


Neville is located just south of Blayney in Central West, NSW.

With main roads leading to it from Blayney, Barry and Mandurama.

Unfortunately, the local council has started repair work on the Blayney and Barry roads, meaning they will be open to the public on show day, but we advise to drive carefully.

If exhibiting in the Car Show, we recommend travelling via Mandurama, to Neville, as this might offer a nicer and safer drive for your classic car.

Neville Showground

Main Entrance
Free Parking

Once at the showground…


The main entrance to Neville Showground is located on Teesdale St. There you will find the ticket booths on entry and free parking will be available as you enter the showground.


This entrance is limited to exhibitors in the Horse Events, Cattle Show, Car Show & Ute Round Up. and Tractor display.

Parking here is limited to those exhibitors.
We ask all people who enter this area to use caution as drivers and riders will be prevalent throughout.


This entrance is limited to exhibitors and event staff.
Market stall holders would be best to enter and exit from this entrance before and after the show.

This entrance will close at 9am, and only be accessible in an emergency situation. It will reopen at the conclusion of the show at 4pm.