STEWARD: Lucy Wellsted

This exciting competition is open to ALL dogs and other unique furry friends.
Heaps of prizes and ribbons to be won so come on down and have some fun!


  • All animals must be always kept on a lead unless partaking in the agility course.
  • Any mishandling or misuse of animals will incur immediate disqualification.
  • Parents/ friends may assist children if needed however prizes will be awarded per animal entrant.
  • Please wait outside of the Ring unless partaking in the current category being judged.
  • Judges have the final say.
  • Female dogs in season are not permitted.
  • Dog agility will be judged on which dog completes the course with the best time and with the least unsuccessful attempts.
  • Dogs shall receive 3 attempts at each obstacle in the agility course before being asked to move onto the next.
  • All pets and owners to assemble on time at the ring.

GENERAL – 11:30am Start

  1. Most unique/unusual pet
  2. Best trick
  3. Pet that looks most like their owner
  4. Longest tail
  5. Longest ears
  6. Hairiest
  7. Smallest
  8. Best or fancy dressed dogs
  9. Best or fancy dressed animal


commencing after the conclusion of the pet show
  • Small Breed
  • Large Breed



*Entries are taken directly on the day.

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